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Build Big Biceps at the Club Junior

Teens must join hands and form a club like the 'Biceps Club Junior' to share their knowledge on bodybuilding. Even children can take to bodybuilding. It is a myth that bodybuilding results in stunted growth. Teens are attracted to the big muscle mass in arms and chest of established bodybuilders. Training pattern for the youngsters must be designed keeping in view their age and also their abilities. Genetics matters a lot in bodybuilding and some do not gain muscles even after strenuous workouts. The workouts have to be adequately supported with proper diet. Diet is an important factor in bodybuilding and should find place in the Biceps Club Junior program.

The Biceps Club Junior program must understand that the junior bodybuilders have not reached the stage of senior bodybuilders. In order to get big muscle mass in arms and chest, the juniors are driven by over-enthusiasm to workout more and force themselves beyond their capability, which leads to injuries. Senior bodybuilders are established bodybuilders and have achieved it gradually over a prolonged period of time. Bodybuilding without sustaining injuries must be the aim of the Biceps Club Junior program.

Biceps Club Junior program must consider the fact that in bodybuilding during workouts, the muscles get damaged due to the stress and strain on them. After the workouts, the muscle enters into the repair mode, where it actually over-compensates the loss and builds up the muscle mass. But the damage forced on the muscles should not be so hard that it sustains damage beyond recuperation. A balance in the workouts and diet should become essential ingredients of the Biceps Club Junior program.

Biceps Club Junior

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